The Vineyard

An undertaking to protect the environment

A precision viticulture

Cover-crops in the vineyard pathways and in some of the plots, meadows near the vines, and parcels left to lie fallow are just some of the visible examples that favour biodiversity.

The idea is to go much further and to adopt a fully committed sustainable type of viticulture.

The presence in the crew of two agricultural engineers is an added asset. Their job is to follow an environmental management system (SME) and ensure precision viticulture at the estate.

SME is a management tool that aims to reduce the impact of a business on its natural environment. This action is led in partnership with the Bordeaux Interprofessional Wine Council (CIVB). At Calon Ségur, it has enabled an optimisation of water and energy resources, the reduction of inputs, the management and recovery of waste and effluents, the pooling of services, health protection for the employees, local population and consumers, as well as an improvement in working conditions.

Precision viticulture involves the use of new tools in the field of cartography and satellite imagery. The data gathered from each square metre of the vineyard enables a fine-tuning of how each vine is cared for.

The actions undertaken were rewarded in July 2017 with ISO 14001 and HVE 3 (High Environmental Value) certifications. The aim is to go even further -this commitment having to be equal to the superb natural whole that is Calon Ségur.