Harvest extract

September 2019


This is where it all begins.

Waiting. Impatience. Keeping a close eye on the weather, the other eye on the grapes. Anticipating full ripeness, when sunshine, wind and earth will have done sufficient work. We taste, touch, scrutinise the skins, the pulp and the pips. The time has come, at last.  

For months now, each little task performed, each decision taken, has led to this moment. All our minds were focused on this fruit: these grapes which today are carefully picked, placed in crates, conveyed to the cellars, sorted and put into vat. It is the accomplishment of several months’ work, the fruit of all our efforts, and the beginning of everything. These grapes will now perform their task, in the silence of vats and barrels, in order to become that wine –that vintage that will resemble no other. 

A unique story, recommenced every time. Waiting. Impatience. It’s action stations now, with 120 people on deck at the ready, then moving along the rows to delicately cut away the bunches. The feverish party atmosphere of harvesting time, this special, unique moment that reverberates through a whole vineyard: everything has led up to this moment. 

From the vines to the vats, the grapes set off on their great journey. 

It’s here that everything recommences.