The acanage

What ties us together…

The acanage is the handiwork consisting in tying the vine stock to the stake, made of acacia’s wood, and maintaining the stock’s stalks in order to orientate their growth in the right direction.

Like pruning, the acanage is an essential step in the vineyard’s work, taking place in winter from November to March.

In the course of its existence, the stock needs to be tied as close as possible to the stalk in order to be protected by the tools of the soil’s work (plowing).

Historically, the acanage was made with wicker – a little branch of willow tree. With time, the wicker was replaced with synthetic stuff, that doesn’t need to be changed every year.

For all that, the Château’s team keeps this ancient method of wicker.

800 bundles of 9 kilos of wicker are used every year. 

The wicker of a length of 1m60 is delivered every week, soaked in water all night before being used.
This delicate art is the object of a constant training for the team, just like pruning.

It is a team of twelve female wine growers who is attached to this duty. Traditionally in the vineyard where couples worked together, the man would be pruning and the woman did the acanage.  

In average, this is about a million ties that are done every year by the team.

Every woman makes an average of a thousand ties a day.