Authentification Calon Ségur

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Vintage 2021

The mild winter temperatures and the important rainfalls favoured, just like 2020, an early awakening of the vines. Thankfully, the river protected our vineyard from the torment of frost that occured on April 7th and 8th. A constant watch was driven throughout the vegetative season until the grapes ripening because of very differing temperatures and sunshine, compared to normal ten-yearly. Prophylaxis, early leaf removal, green harvest allowed to wait the arrival of an anticyclone long sought-after, to pick up ripe grand cabernets. With a healthy sanitary state, the merlots were picked up from September 28th to October 2nd and the entirety of the cabernets sauvignon and franc and the petit verdot between October 4th and 13th. The vintage 2021 characterizes by bordeaux classicism: moderated alcoholic degrees, beautiful freshness and lovely and elegant tannins carried by great ripe cabernets.