The Domain

The Chartreuse and its French-style gardens

The refinement in a certain starkness

Nobody knows exactly when Calon’s Chartreuse was built. While its form suggests the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th, works carried out there have revealed older vestiges. The Chartreuse will therefore always hold some mystery.

Its restoration, the work of Anne Derasse and Alain de La Ville, is faithful to the original architecture.

In its light-filled hall, its elegant orangery, its stairs soaring towards the turrets, the estate’s rich past floods our imaginations.

Through the newly-restored bull’s-eye windows, our eyes are led along the perfect lines of the French-style gardens that seem to be attempting to mirror the geometry of the rows of vines. An orchard can also be made out as well as some rows of flowers that may serve to decorate the tables -since the Chartreuse wishes to enjoy moments of complicity and authenticity with its guests.