The History

The project

Show respect to the place and its soul

The owners undertook large-scale renovation works that respected both the place and its soul. Since 2012, a renaissance has been felt everywhere: in the vines, in the cellars, inside the Chartreuse and in its gardens.
The restructuring of the vineyard firstly gave special attention to the star grape of Calon –the Cabernet Sauvignon. A replanting programme was launched which stretches as far as 2032.

In 2016, the renovated ageing cellars and a new vat room came into operation.

Three years later, it was the turn of the Chartreuse and its gardens to be given a makeover.

At each stage of this incredible programme of works, functionality and efficiency have taken precedence over ostentation.

This is exactly the spirit of the estate –advancing with humility and exercising the most demanding standards.

The works diggers have now fallen silent, and the sound of the river can once again be heard from the vines. Three centuries after the Marquis de Ségur declared his love for the favourite of his growths, Calon has retaken its path in its eternal history.